donderdag 25 mei 2017

EYE Filmmuseum

Next to th A'DAM Tower is the "EYE Filmmuseum" with exhibitions, movies and restaurants.

We had a tea there with a magnificent view over the river IJ.

In the Museum shop all kind of rubber masks.


Movie wings.

And me on a "Gibson Guitar Throne", a variation on  the "Game of Thrones".

woensdag 24 mei 2017


A mysterious sign on the pavement in Amsterdam. "Mijn" means "my" in english, have no idea what it means. Linking to "signs, signs"

dinsdag 23 mei 2017

At the Skydeck

And then up to the skydeck of the A'DAM tower.

For a view over Amsterdam.

The little tower in the background at the horizon is of  Schiphol airport.

The weather was not so inviting to lay down here.

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maandag 22 mei 2017

At the Ferry

To get to the A'Dam tower of yesterday's post you have to cross the river IJ with the ferry for pedestrians and cyclists. As you can see it was very crowded.

The river IJ is a very busy shipping  river with Cruise ships.

And cargo ships. The captain of the Ferry has to navigate carefully between these giants.

The arrival at the other side.

Seen from above at the tower you can see the crowds.

And the come and go ferries. Had to make these photo's through a window so the colour is a bit green.

zondag 21 mei 2017

Over the Edge

Yesterday I finally visited the A'DAM Tower, a new "must do" in Amsterdam. The almost 100 m high tower belonged to the Shell company but was after they left turned into a hotel, restaurant and a sky deck with a look out over Amsterdam.

The newest attraction is a swing over the edge! I could hear the screams from above!

No way I would try that but the young ones are the daredevils

And there they go.

These boys dared to look down.

And without hands.

zaterdag 20 mei 2017

Weekend Reflection

Modern buildings have a lot of glass facades, good for reflections as here in Amersfoort.

vrijdag 19 mei 2017

Bicycles, bicycles

When there is a fence in our country you will find a bicycle aswell, attached or leaning against it.

 And when there is no fence you can put it in a bicycle storage as here in front of the trainstation in Amersfoort. Many people who go to work by train put their bikes here and pick it up again when going home.

 A real cyclist always finds his own bike back again, as you always recognize your own child!

donderdag 18 mei 2017

Party time

When having dinner in a restaurant last week I noticed outside on the terrace a group of girls all wearing a pink crown.

Later on they came inside to have dinner and celebrate their "hen party" just in front of me. I asked  hubby to lean a bit aside and made a sneeky photo The bride to be was the one without a crown.

We enjoyed a delicious salmon and asparagus meal.

woensdag 17 mei 2017

Set, go!

The former Naval-base of yesterday's post in Amsterdam has changed in a collection of new businesses of  mostly young people. Look "here" if you want to read more. They made this run track in the street for their own fun in a break I suppose.

Halfway was a message "You can do it".
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dinsdag 16 mei 2017


The Admiralty yards of Amsterdam's former city-centre naval base dates from 1620. The 17th-century gatehouse designed by Daniel Stalpaert is now a national monument.

A large warehouse was built here, which is now the current Shipping Museum.

These are still the original buildings from the outside of the base.

And the other side.

A view from the Naval-base at the Shipping Museum with a replica of a former VOC-ship that sailed to the East-Indies in the 17th century.
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maandag 15 mei 2017

Demolition area

This  is all seen in a demolition neighbourhood in the centre of Amsterdam where lots of graffiti artists used to live.

Even the municipal planters were painted by them.

A flamingo on the wall of a now empty building.

Construction activities are in full swing.

I hope not another big tourist hotel will rise up here. People of Amsterdam need houses to live in.
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zondag 14 mei 2017


Shadows at the Marine grounds in Amsterdam.

zaterdag 13 mei 2017

City cats

A literary cat in Amsterdam, he choose a bookstore to get some snacks.

This one was gowing with the flow in a very crowded street in Amsterdam.

vrijdag 12 mei 2017

The good life

A new hotspot in Amsterdam is this endless floating pier and promenade in the river IJ in front of the Public Library.

With the beautiful summer weather we had yesterday 20 C (68 F)!,  it was a great hangout to enjoy the sun. 

 In case you think you have to jump over the water to reach the promenade, there are some bridges with steps from the quay to get up and down.
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