woensdag 18 januari 2017


Men in orange make our world a bit more beautiful in our neighbourhood.

And in Amsterdam.

dinsdag 17 januari 2017

Happy Cats

Our Sofietje sleeping on the lap of SC. With the cold weather she prefers to stay inside the house.

But that clicking of the camera woke her up. Always be alert what is going on.

This is our neighbour Guusje, he is a cool outdoor cat who likes our bin to warm up.
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maandag 16 januari 2017

Monday Mural

At the exhibition about Marilyn Monroe I visited some time ago, I saw these sketches of the architect who designed her house in Brentwood California.

They showed them as a mural on the walls.

This was the scene in the bedroom where she was found dead in 1962. At the right is a photographer

who makes photo of a policeman pointing at the pillboxes she had used.
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zondag 15 januari 2017

Hail and snow

All kinds of winter weather yesterday, first a hailstorm.

Which made a lot of noise.

Then a wet blizzard came along. But nothing was left behind, only wet streets.

zaterdag 14 januari 2017

A cookie

I remember times a macaroon was a speciality you could only get in France. And it was an exciting treat when someone took it for you from far away. Nowadays we have these shopwindows in Amsterdam, rows and rows of macaroons. The magic has gone for me it is just a cookie now.

vrijdag 13 januari 2017


When there is no rain,fog or snow the sky looks like this on a winter day, a  pretty change. This is a row of old houses at the Singel in Amsterdam. As a nice bonus I got the bird flying in, hadn't noticed him until uploading the photos.

I especially like these two from 1730 with the beautiful decorated tops which are called  neck gables. It  almost looks they have a curl hairstyle.
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donderdag 12 januari 2017

Royal tour

You might think the King and Queen are returning in their carriage to the Royal Palace on Dam square. But these are just tourist having a carriage tour in Amsterdam.

woensdag 11 januari 2017


Many signs to see in this photo. At the corner is a famous tearoom and pastry bakery "Landskroon" where you can have the best cakes of Amsterdam. The small alley at the right is a doorway for cyclist back and forth. Pedestrians can use a small path at the sides of the alley. Not everybody is aware of that and you can hear a constant bell ringing of the cyclists to evade the pedestrians walking in the middle of the alley.
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dinsdag 10 januari 2017

Tango evening

Yesterday I went to a lecture of dutch writer Onno Wesseling to promote his book "The century of Carlos Moreno Amador" with a Tango theme.

To brighten up the evening some Tango dancers were invited to entertain the public. The dancers turned around very speedy and the light was a bit poor so the photos are a bit blurry.

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maandag 9 januari 2017

Monday Mural

Light and shadow at the streetart festival last October in Almere.
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zondag 8 januari 2017


Must be a tourist from the UK, I would never think of walking in a coat with our flag!

zaterdag 7 januari 2017


A reflection in a bookstore shopwindow. The portrait is our old Queen Juliana (1909-2004) and the store shows a recently published biography about her. And yes, that is me at the left.

vrijdag 6 januari 2017


A bubble man for the tourists at Dam square in Amsterdam.

donderdag 5 januari 2017


This is a reconstruction of the Delftsche Poort ( Delft Gate),  one of the former city gateways of the city of Rotterdam. There had been three former gates before, the last one was bombed in 1940 by de German air force who destroyed the whole city centre to force our gouverment to capitulation.

In 1995 this gate was raised to remember the 50 years of reconstruction of the city. Inside are some remains of the last gate displayed on plinths.

Here an image of the original gateway.

woensdag 4 januari 2017


A foggy day at the river IJ in Amsterdam with the"Amsterdam Tower" in the back. From 1971 these used to be the headquaters of the Shell company but after a renovation the tower reopend in Mai 2016. There is a spectacular look out deck on top of the 22th  floor  and a restaurant on the 19th floor with a panoramic view.
When the weather is not rainy or foggy I will have a look up.