vrijdag 28 april 2017

"Kings's Day"

A few impressions of the "Free Market" of yesterday's King's Day.

It was cold and many people started to sit there early in the morning.

Orange is our national colour because the Royal Family is from the House of Orange.

This sweety did her best to earn some money and we gave her some of course.

The kid some toys and she wants also something.

This I didn't understand, she was at the wrong party I think.

donderdag 27 april 2017

Kings day

Today it is "Kings day", the celebration of the birthday of our King Willem Alexander. This year a crown year because he will be 50 years old. It is a holiday for everyone and tradition is to sell your attic out on in the streets. The whole country is an open fleamarket. 
Unfortunately it is very cold today only 7 C (44.6) .

These photo's are from last year. I will visit the market later today.

woensdag 26 april 2017

Hello Mark

I saw Mark looking at me along the road in Rotterdam. I didn't know him so a googled and found out "the Mark" is a Multi-tenant building for Entrepeneurs.
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dinsdag 25 april 2017

Flat tire

A flat tire with your bike doesn't has to be a problem. Most Dutch know how to repair it when you have the right tools with you. Turn it upside down and go for it.
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maandag 24 april 2017

Monday Muaral

I am a bit out of murals but found an oldie from 2013 when I visited Norway. This mural was in the City Hall of Norway, where the Nobel Prizes are awarded once a year. The huge hall was decorated all around and this is just a part of it.
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zondag 23 april 2017

Jeu de boule

The clic clac sound of the "Jeu de boule" balls I used to hear only in France but the Dutch have taken the game home from their holidays and now we even see a real bowling alley in the parks in Amsterdam.

Something to do on a quiet sunday morning.

zaterdag 22 april 2017


On the roof of an elevator and entrance to a bicycle storage I found these two creatures in front of the Public Library in Amsterdam.

From above I had a better view. On their back they have Solar cells. With that energy  their body and eyes lighten up in the evening when someone uses the bicycle storage to give them a warm welcome.

It is a design by Marjet Wessels Boer from 2012 and she named them "ODE's blozers".
ODE stands for" Oosterdokseiland" the place of the art. Blozers means "blushers"
It was the result of a contest issued by the municipality of Amsterdam to design an art project that provided itself with energy.

On internet I found a photo in the evening when they are blushing.

vrijdag 21 april 2017


A lot of clouds on the go to the tulip fields in the North-East polder.

With some dark ones too.
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donderdag 20 april 2017

Tulip fields

The tulip field in the North-East Polder bloom again.

So we made a ride along the fields.

Endless fields in different colours amazes me every year again.

Unfortunately we had chosen the wrong day, when I was lying on my knees to make this masterpiece suddenly a downpour came along and soaked me before I could reach the car.

You can see the sky we left behind when leaving the polder over the bridge.

woensdag 19 april 2017


A strawberry at a tree was a sign in the Noord-oostpolder (North-East Polder) that the farmer had some products for sale. You can see the sale in the background marked with a flag.

And these were the products, onions, potatoes, eggs and bottled applejuice. There was a price-list and you could put the money in the green box. The confidence in the countryside.
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dinsdag 18 april 2017

Amsterdam view

A view over Amsterdam, seen from above in the Public Library. The green building is the Nemo Science Museum for children.

Here a closer look.

A sky view of Amsterdam.

Had to photograph through a dirty window so the pictures are a bit hazy.
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maandag 17 april 2017


The budding trees in Amsterdam starting to have  fresh green leaves now.

These photo are from last week when we had summery temperatures with 20 C ( 68F) .They now have dropped to 9 C ( 40.8 F) April is an unpredictable month with the weather.

zondag 16 april 2017

Happy Easter

Vrolijk Pasen or Happy Easter everyone.

zaterdag 15 april 2017

Spring time

We know when spring really begins is when Sofietje loses half her coat. The first time when it happened we were amazed what an amount of hair was flying around the house. She is changing from a warm winter coat to a thin summer coat it seems with scraching her hairs away. You should expect half a cat is left but we don't see the difference. Only I have to use the vacuum cleaner a bit more than usual.
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vrijdag 14 april 2017

Scenes on a bridge

For a moment I thought someone had fallen in the water when I saw the fire brigade on the bridge in Amsterdam, but they had filled the water tanks in the  truck with canal water and were rolling up the fire hoses.

Had never seen before a firetruck has a name, this was Willem.

The other side of the bridge was also interesting with all the tulips recently placed there as a spring sign. Tulips from Amsterdam :)