zondag 18 februari 2018


The good days are coming back, the sun shines so the terraces in Amsterdam are placed in the streets again.

With the coats on it is pleasent to enjoy a drink and a chat in the sun.

zaterdag 17 februari 2018


A reflection of the sky and the sandy pavement opposite in the window of the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam.

Here a view of the opposite pavement that was reflecting by the sun in the window above.

vrijdag 16 februari 2018

Blue Sky

Wonderful blue skies this week at last. Here at the entrance gate of the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam.
Linking to "Skywatch Friday"

donderdag 15 februari 2018

At the Zoo

A young zebra at Amsterdam  Artis Zoo.

The baby elephant had grown since August last year "see here"

The pelicans.

I can't remember the name of this funny fluffy one.

The griffon vulture was showing his pride, his wings measure almost  three metres from wingtop to wingtop.

woensdag 14 februari 2018


At the Waterlooo Market in Amsterdam. Linking to "Signs, signs2"

dinsdag 13 februari 2018

Old Houses

A new pedestrian path close along the Amstel riverside in Amsterdam gives you a surprising look at the historic houses. Normally you walked at the opposite  along the houses trying to avoid all kind of obstacles as parked bikes or scaffolding and had no idea of the houses you walked by.

With at the end a view at the Munt tower at the Munt square.
Linking to "Our World Tuesday"

maandag 12 februari 2018


I showed last week the transformer building in Amsterdam with paintings of Rembrandt "here".
But it has four sides with paintings so today another side and another painting.

Here a closer look. Linkng to "Monday Mural"

zondag 11 februari 2018


A strange flat tower of the Laurentius Church in the small fortified town Weesp,  but it hasn't been always like this.

In November 2016 a fire,  caused by an electric fault,  destroyed the top of the tower. Fortunately the tower was saved.

This was what was  left of the steeple.

zaterdag 10 februari 2018

vrijdag 9 februari 2018


A sunset in my backyard. The white stripe is not a Tesla passing by but a reflection in the window.
Linking to "Skywatch Friday"

donderdag 8 februari 2018


After all the rain we had last months the fields are soaked now. As here at the local horse riding school in Almere Haven.

A little further on the fields have a better drainage. These are private horses of people who own them as a hobby. A lot more work than my kitty at home...

Shall I take a picture of you two? It was alright.

woensdag 7 februari 2018


I saw this funny quote when passing a house. I agree with it.
Linking to "Signs, signs2"

dinsdag 6 februari 2018


On a bridge in Amsterdam. Linking to "Our World Tuesday"

maandag 5 februari 2018


To brighten up an ugly transformer building it has been decorated with a painting of Rembrandt appropriate to the name of the Rembrandt square.
Linking to "Monday Mural"

zondag 4 februari 2018


The Doelen Hotel is a five-star hotel in the center of Amsterdam. The hotel dates from 1883, built in Neo-Renaissance-style and located on the Binnen-Amstel.

A detail of the tower with two "Kloveniers" (Cleavers)