woensdag 22 maart 2017

Public Library

The youth section in the Public Library of Amsterdam.

 The adults study section.

And the lounge section for the young adults.

dinsdag 21 maart 2017

Red alert

From a distance I noticed something red in Amsterdam.

They came closer.

But finally they headed cross to an underpass.
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maandag 20 maart 2017


In the entrance of the Public Library in Amsterdam you are welcomed by this cute reader.
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zondag 19 maart 2017

Rainy day in Amsterdam

The sunny days are over again.

It is wet,wet,wet.

Poor tourists.

The red umbrella group was prepared.

Maybe I have to go to Austria!

zaterdag 18 maart 2017


The sun reflecting in the canal water with seagulls in Amsterdam.

vrijdag 17 maart 2017

Spring is in the air

No leaves on the tree yet, but the sky is blue.

These trees feel the spring and gently begin to bloom.
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donderdag 16 maart 2017

Major maintenance

I never could have imagined I would be so interested in roadworks. Must be the old day and the fact it is all set in front of my home! But I am fascinated by the efficiently way the men do their job, it is all in tune what they have to do. There never seems to be any misunderstanding and they seem to enjoy the job and each other. Here they start to cover the parking places with pavers.

Another one is crushing the sand with a machine.

In the meantime he is constructing a drain for rainwater.

You can see how quickly the parking place has progressed.

They have a very inventive machine to lift up the pavers all together form a pallet.

And put it down in front of the one who has to watch it is landing in the right place. I remember from my early days men had to kneel down and hammer brick by brick into the streets. 

At the end of the day, the parking place is ready and the bricks for the road are already placed for the next day. 

woensdag 15 maart 2017

Happy Birthday

One of the roadworkers in our street had his 40th birthday yesterday. His colleagues had decorated the back of his dragline with good wishes!

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dinsdag 14 maart 2017

Men in orange

Our world is dominated at the moment with men in orange working at the renovation of our street.

The weather is fine so the jackets can out.

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maandag 13 maart 2017

A 19th century mural?

Maybe not a usual mural but it is a decorated side wall of the Central Station in Amsterdam, dating from 1889. This corner has been decorated so beautiful because it was the entrance specially for the Royal family. By coach they passed this gateway into the central hall and could walk up the station stairs to the royal waiting room awaiting the arrival of their train.
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zondag 12 maart 2017


At the fair yesterday in Almere Haven. Little children had to lift up speedy passing ducklings with a fishing rod to win a price. It was fun to look at, had never seen it before.

zaterdag 11 maart 2017


A reflection in a glass door in the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam at the Romanovs exhibition with Tsar Nicolas II and his family. The white lights are the opposite windows in the corridor.

vrijdag 10 maart 2017

Blue sky

It seems our whole village is under renovation at the moment. This used to be our local swimming pool where my children learned to swim. It has completely disappeared and will not return here anymore. They built a new pool 7 km beyond in Almere Poort. But at least we have a blue sky with sunshine at the moment!
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donderdag 9 maart 2017

Major maintenance

The major maintenance of our street in front of our home has started this week. Big machines are riding along. As a pensionar I am home and can follow the fascinating progresses from close by.

All the paving stones are removed.

And lumped together.

Then lifted into big lorries.

The sandy street so far. Due to the heavy rains yesterday the work was stopped.

But this morning we were surprised with some "dunes" It feels almost like living on a beach now.

Men in orange with noisy machines. More pictures will follow the next days.

woensdag 8 maart 2017

Shadow Wall

When I had left the Hermitage with the sad end of the murdered Romanov family in my mind, I passed a bridge and this sign on the bridge railing caught my eye. The text is also in english and is about 200 Jewish residents who lived here during World War II were deported from their homes and murdered in the extermination camps.

As a tribute to remember them,  their names are displayed along this Nieuwe Keizersgracht wall, opposite their homes.

Incredible complete families.....

One of the opposite houses.
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