donderdag 20 juli 2017


One of the newest areas of Almere is called "Dune". The dunes are not authentically, the sand is brought here to create a dune landscape.

We had a look last Sunday and it looked very real with the beach grass around, like the dunes along the North Sea coast.

The houses are brand new and we spoke a woman who just had moved in a few weeks ago. She said it felt like having a holiday there.

woensdag 19 juli 2017


Sometimes the alleys in Amsterdam are so narrow, you can almost touch the sides with your hands.

dinsdag 18 juli 2017

Roller coaster

In an artgallery in Amsterdam a new project was in the testing phase when I came along. They had built a big roller coaster in this room.

 These were the subjects that had to make a ride.

The box with doggie toys went up slowly.

At the highest point.

It went so fast I missed the dogs coming down but another subject I caught speeding along.

Doggies safe down. It was fun to watch.
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maandag 17 juli 2017


After cycling a stop at an empty terrace at the Almere beach of the IJ-lake. Look at the dark sky approaching. We speeded home with tailwind and were home before the rain came down.

zondag 16 juli 2017


Brigitte Macron, French Presidents wife.

I have a look-alike!

zaterdag 15 juli 2017

vrijdag 14 juli 2017


A blue sky at one of the hot summerdays we had last week in the "secret garden" in Almere Haven.
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donderdag 13 juli 2017

The CODA Museum

At the CODA Museum in Apeldoorn with the Paper Art exhibition.

A view down.

The workplace where visitors could  make their own paper art.

And an invitation to exhibit your design here.

woensdag 12 juli 2017


This is the "Curved elbow alley" in Amsterdam. Can't find any explanation about the name, but I suppose it has to do with the curve of the alley. The streetnames in the centre are all very old and people in earlier times mostly indicated the streets with a clear simple name.
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dinsdag 11 juli 2017

Flower Circus (2)

Except the flowers there was more to see in the shopping mall at the flower circus in Almere. This living satue didn't stand still all the time.

But could move occasionally.

A florish stilt-walker

found her way through the mall.

 And in the Weerwater were two big horn blowers floating  around.

They really were able to make some music!
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maandag 10 juli 2017


At the flowercircus in Almere last saturday.

The shopping centre was decorated with beautiful flowers.

And a green sofa.

zondag 9 juli 2017

No Joke

At the Foam Photograpy Museum in Amsterdam.  Artists Roger Ballen (US) and Asger Carlsen (DK) had made a collection of twisted collages exploring the shadow corners of the human psyche.
It was a rather creepy exhibition, named "No Joke"...

zaterdag 8 juli 2017


A reflection in the glassfacade of the Coda museum in Apeldoorn.

vrijdag 7 juli 2017


These hanging baskets with flowers hang on the bridges of Amsterdam.
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donderdag 6 juli 2017


At the Coda museum was also a little hats exhibition with remarkable pieces. Who doesn't want a macaron on her head?

Or a bread with a fried egg?

There were many more specials.