zondag 26 februari 2017

Light and shadow

View from the "Armbrug (Arm bridge) named after the Oudezijds Armsteeg (Old Side Arm alley). Arm in Dutch can mean poor or well, arm. In this instance it means the latter, as the alley leads to and from the bend in the Warmoesstreet.

This bridge I don't know the name of,  there are about 1700 bridges in Amsterdam! One can't know all the names of them can we?

zaterdag 25 februari 2017


A reflection in the  mirror cube at the Museum square in Amsterdam is always fun for photographers.

vrijdag 24 februari 2017


Stormy days coming over the Gooi lake. Yesterday we had our first real storm of the year, many delays of planes and trains. Lucky me, as a retired woman I did not suffered from all that and just stayed inside reading and watching TV.
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donderdag 23 februari 2017


Tourists making selfies at the Museum square with the large Amsterdam characters.

And the backside.

woensdag 22 februari 2017

Modern Art Museum

The outside of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam with the advertisements of the exhibitions.

The entrance to the museum under the "bathtub".

The 11.5 metres high artpiece "Sight Point" by Richard Serra" in front of the museum.
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dinsdag 21 februari 2017

Ed van der Elsken

At the same Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam where I saw Tinguely, is a magnificient overview of the photographic and filmic work of Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990) in twenty five years. He was renowed as a street photographer and is recognized as the most important Dutch of the 20th century.

He was a unique figure and made many travels to big cities as Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong. 

But his streetphotos of Amsterdam I like most.

This was in the fifties and sixties a common sight in Amsterdam. A motorist didn't use his brakes very well and drove his car into a canal. The fire brigade had to come to hoist it up. At a certain moment  little fences were placed along the sides but even than some got over it. Now everyone wants the cars to ban out of the historic innercity. But that is an endless discussion here.
Have a look at the Museum website for more pictures and a video "here"
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maandag 20 februari 2017

More Tinguely

As part of the exhibition of Jean Tinguely I showed you yesterday, there was a workshop to make your own piece of art. Under the table were pedals to make those circles turning around and with crayons you could create your art.

It was a very narrow room I couldn't get the pedals in sight.

This was down in that room where you could make this Tinguely installation moving by cycling there from below.

zondag 19 februari 2017

Jean Tinguely

In the "Stedelijk  Museum" in Amsterdam I saw the exhibition "Machine Spectacle" of the Swiss artist "Jean Tinguely" ( 1925-1991) .

He is famous for his playful, boldy kinetic machines and explosive performances.

Everything had to be different, everything had to move. And that was excactly what happened, after some time you could  hear a crackling sound and all the items started to move, very hilarious.

If you want to read and see see more about the artist, have a look at the website of the Museum with a short video "here". Linking to "Shadow Shot Sunday"

zaterdag 18 februari 2017


A reflection in an Amsterdam canal with beautiful winterlight with the Saint Nicolas Church in the background. Linking to "Weekend reflections"

vrijdag 17 februari 2017


The skyline of the city of Rotterdam with at the right the cable-stayed Erasmus bridge over the New Meuse. Linking to "Skywatch Friday"

donderdag 16 februari 2017

Ice princess

The pond in  front of the the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam is transformed into an icerink during the winter. The ice has been broken now to melt it faster. Temperatures have risen to 8C (46F) now so spring is in the air.

This cute one was braving the ice floes while her grandmother kept an eye on her.

In the end she couldn't keep her balance.

woensdag 15 februari 2017


A condomerie, not for everyone a well known shop but Amsterdam is an open minded city.
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dinsdag 14 februari 2017


Two little buildings belonging to the waterworks around the water tower in Rotterdam I showed you yesterday.

I don't know exactly what they were used for. It was to slipperly with ice to get a closer look.
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maandag 13 februari 2017

Water tower

This water tower in Rotterdam  is the oldest existing water tower in the Netherlands. It has a height of 48 meters and seven reservoirs. The tower had a reservoir with capacity of more than one million liters and was one of the major water towers in our country.

The tower is designed in a mix of neo-Romanesque, neo-Renaissance and Oriental-style shapes.
Under the water were the homes of the personnel of the water company that worked on the property.

When in 1978 the water company moved to another location the homes and workplaces were replaced by a cooperative wood, metal workshop, photo studio and recording studio.
In 1986 Public Works of Rotterdam renovated the tower and the water vessel has been replaced by offices. The water tower is now a bar and resataurant where we had a nice birthday party yesterday of a relative.

zondag 12 februari 2017

More Snow!

Two days with snow, the neighbour kids made quickly this cute snowman yesterday. You never know how long the snow will stay here.

 I made a little walk in the neighbourhood into the white world.

But this morning we woke up with more snow!

My poor potties in the garden. Temperatures will rise to above zero today so tomorrow it has all gone I think. Our winters don't last very long anymore.