maandag 24 oktober 2016

Monday Mural

A 3D painting at the anual Street Art Festival in Almere yesterday. The paintings were difficult to photograph with the bright sunlight. You have to have the right position to see the 3D effect but at the same time there was much shadow. So the dove is flying but the boy, Pinoccio?, is a bit flat. Maybe I come back in a few days when the sun is not shining.
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zondag 23 oktober 2016

Marilyn Monroe

This year Marilyn Monroe would have been 90 years old. An exhibition in the New Church in Amsterdam shows many personal belongings of her, which were stored together after her death in 1962 for decades and left untouched by the heirs. 37 years later an auction started at Christie's in New York, followed by a series of other auction houses. A large part was purchased by Monroe collector Ted Sampler and those items are shown now in the exhibition.

The start looked spectacular.

With sweet childhood photo's.

A cardigan.

The curlers she used.

Several film scripts.

The famous dress of "the Seven year itch" movie

Her notebook.


And a dress for an opening night.

The end.

zaterdag 22 oktober 2016

Autumn Fair

The autumn fair at Dam Square in Amsterdam, in front of the Palace.

It was a misery rainy day.

Not much interest for the carousel in the rain.

The witch at the haunted house. It is not my favourite interest to visit a noisy fair but I just passed by on my way to the exhibition at the right.

vrijdag 21 oktober 2016

New Church

A fence in the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) in Amsterdam. About the exhibition there, I"ll show  you later. Linking to "Good Fences"

donderdag 20 oktober 2016


At first sight this facade looks like a stage set without anything behind.

But stepping aside to the right you notice it is a real house.

woensdag 19 oktober 2016

Funny signs

In the Beatrixparc in Almere the bridges have funny names. This one is named : 
"Hide-and-seek bridge"

And the "Jumping rope bridge".
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dinsdag 18 oktober 2016

A sunday in the parc

Another sunny Sunday last weekend so we cycled to another parc in Almere the Beatrixparc.

It was very quiet not many people here.

An eldery couple paddled their canoe.

There is a real American diner where we had a milkshake.

The trees are slowly colouring into autumn.
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maandag 17 oktober 2016

A Mural?

At the American Bookshop in Amsterdam I saw this wonderful shopwindow to promote the filmed book "Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children" written by Ransom Riggs. 

With paint on the glasswindow it almost looks like you can step in to pick up book.
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zondag 16 oktober 2016


A bridge in the Kromslootpark in Almere Haven at a sunny day.

zaterdag 15 oktober 2016


A whole street with blue sky reflected in the facade of this building in Amsterdam.

vrijdag 14 oktober 2016


Last Sunday with beautiful weather we took a break from cycling in the  Kromslootpark in Almere Haven to watch this cloudy sky, reflecting into the pond. The pole at the right is a intended for a stork's nest in spring.
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donderdag 13 oktober 2016


When walking around in our neighbourhood we had a pleasant meeting with an artist who makes the most wonderful items with wood.

Everything is demountable,  it is a kind of a puzzle,  every single piece of the owl has is numbered  and can be removed. I admire those people who have the patience to create such beautiful things.

woensdag 12 oktober 2016


 This sign at the end of the exhibition about 100 years of Schiphol Airport you have to look twice at to figure out what it means. "SO GO ON" is the message.
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dinsdag 11 oktober 2016

Heavy maintenance

The upcoming months our neighbourhood will undergo a heavy maintenance. Starting last week with the cutting of almost all our trees of 37 years old.

After cutting the trunk, the tree was lifted up by a crane and carried through the street.

It was a rather strange sight to see the tree traveling along the houses.

The ride ended on this grass court.

Where is was put down.

Men with electric saws started to remove the branches in a high speed.

Everything went into the shredder.

And this is all that's left or our trees. It is said that there will be new ones after all the work is done.
I will keep you posted with us slogging through the sand.
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maandag 10 oktober 2016

Harvest Feast

I start the week with this laughing sheep yesterday at the harvest feast at "het Eksternest" (Magpie nest) in Almere Haven.

Aren't they sweet posing?

 The carded wool is hand spun into yarn.

And sold.

How about this dress?