dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

Anne Frank

As there is much commotion in the Netherlands now about the tree of Anne Frank that has broke down, I will pay your attention to a book I recently have read. In Dutch the title is "Greetings and love to all, the story of the family of Anne Frank" by Mirjam Pressler.

In the attic of the family home of the Frank family in Basel were just thousands of letters, documents and photo's discovered. From this sensational discovery the author suggested a  turbulent history together from the Frank family, the family that would produce one of the most famous girls of Europe : Anne Frank.

It is an incredible moving story of a loving family and illustrated with many unknown photo's of Anne and her family, like this one on the cover.
In english the title is "Treasures from the Attic: the extraordinary Story of Anne Frank's Family"

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  1. Treasures from the Attic...I will look it up. Thanks for the information.