vrijdag 6 augustus 2010


In the Amsterdam Municipal Archives I have seen the exhibition of the photographer Dolf Toussaint about The Jordaan, a working class quarter of Amsterdam in the 50 and 60's. That's the time I spent my youth in Amsterdam, so it was a trip to memory lane for me.
The man on top has pigeons in baskets, many people used to have carrier-pigeons at their roofs in those days in Amsterdam.
The ladies are beating a stair-carpet, used for the very high stairs in the old Amsterdam houses.

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  1. Dank voor je tip ....ga er zeker naartoe.

    groetjes, Joop

  2. Is zeer de moeite waard, de filmpjes in de kelder moet je ook bekijken.

  3. LOL..I love the second one..funny and lovely
    Thank you to share this

    Everyday Melbourne
    Everyday Shot

  4. It is a worry when we see things in museums that we remember, a sign of our age. Thank you for following my blog. I found your very interesting. I love your header, so true.

  5. Amazing pictures. I am sure you enjoyed that exhibition. Hope one day I can visit Amsterdam.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]