maandag 3 januari 2011

W. Eugene Smith

In the Photographe Museum Foam Amsterdam is a beautiful retrospective of  W. Eugene Smith, (USA 1918-1978). During the fifties he published very moving photo-stories in the famous American Life, as "Nurse Midwife", "the Country Doctor". It was very impressive and some photo's I remembered seen in magazines when I was a child.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. A good place to be when it is cold. I'm afraid I haven't heard of this photographic artist.

  2. Is it too cold inside? I see people wearing winter clothes.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  3. Yes Valery, it is not Spain here and the dutch don't like to put the coats out as there is only a free cloakroom where you might loose your warm coat.(besides Biebkriebels just had a new coat she wanted to show)

  4. I love photo exhibits and this makes me long to see one again, it's been awhile. I also like looking at the people and how they're all bundled up :)