maandag 14 maart 2011

Bright idea

Last week I was in Amsterdam and I wondered why many  bicycles are lying on the streets. Well I found out that this is a new policy of the city-counsel. Many bikes are locked on bridges or gates, sometimes for ages, and they want a better control on it. There are almost as many bicycles as inhabitants in the city and it is becoming a big problem. To built a proper shelter there is no money. 
 A "clever" person behind a desk had a bright idea, let the people put the bike on a stand in a special place marked with a with line on the street!  It was a rather stormy day and this is the result, brilliant isn't it?

7 opmerkingen:

  1. This makes me smile,because I'm not involved.
    But it poses the question....what will they think of next???

  2. ah yes, i saw that when i was in amsterdam in december (is that possible), there were sooo many bikes randomly parked in front of the bijenkorf! now i understand; and that is really, really stupid! isnt that rule number one? always lock your bike to something! and whats wrong with it anyways, attaching it to a bridge? :)

  3. Are there no bicycle thieves in Amsterdam?

  4. CaT,
    Bij de Bijenkorf is het helemaal erg inderdaad, het is gewoon een bende overal. Het Amsterdamse bestuur is de weg een beetje kwijt.

    Yes there are many thieves, but not enough apparrently.....

    Forest Dream Weaver
    In Amsterdam you never know what they will invent next time but it is not always fun.

  5. It looks like Denmark - sometimes. But without storm.