dinsdag 8 maart 2011

Castle Het Nijenhuis

As it is a museum there is a lot of art inside and outside. Above the entrance you can see two figures dancing.

The Library.

A portrait of the former Queen Juliana in 1909 the mother of our Queen Beatrix, painted by Therese Schwartze, who I mentioned in my post of Museum Van Loon

The table is made of blue glass by the Flemish artist Jan Fabre and is called "the Table for the Knights of Dispair" See for explanation here
Outside the Castle was a beautiful parc, I will show you tomorrow.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. i just love that painting of the queen!! so cute!
    did you ever goto the castle in Oud-Zuilen (Utrecht)? Thats really pretty too, and also a very nice area to bike around.... but maybe the weather is not yet good enough for that?

  2. CaT,
    The weather is great here, sunshine all day, but had to do something in the garden buhh. I haven been in Haarzuilen, is that the same?

  3. no, haarzuilen is much bigger. i actually also didnt know of the existence of this castle, until i once had to organize an "uitje" with my work. its in oud-zuilen, aan de vecht (or close to), and from utrecht/maarsseveense plassen it is a really nice route to bike! (here it is: http://www.slotzuylen.nl/actueel)

  4. CaT,
    Thanks for the "tip" next time we will try, it is not so far from here. Looks good on the website!

  5. They were the days of chic furnishings and classy decor.

  6. What an adorable painting! This place is amazing. I would love to wander in there.

  7. Love the tour you have given in this impressive place... beautiful architecture and the floors are stunning.