maandag 28 maart 2011


This is my mother at 28 March 2003 at her 89th birthday what  would be her last. Two days later she died suddenly when her heart just stopped. I was so glad that I took my camera with me to make this photo in which  she looks so good.
My sister brought her grandchild with her, my mother's great grandchild, it was a mild sunny day and we could sit outside.

The last years of her life she had Alzheimer, but physically she was allright and we made many walks from the eldery home where she lived in the inner city of Amsterdam. 

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  1. A lovely tribute to your mother from a loving daughter. You were lucky to see her and take the pic just before she died. Although it would have been sad for her family for her to die suddenly it was probably the best way for her to go. My mother was very sick for a long time and lingered on in a coma for a week. Not a nice way to go.

  2. Mooie foto's van een prachtig mens!
    Mijn eigen moeder is vandaag precies negen maanden geleden overleden.
    De tijd gaat enorm snel voorbij..
    Het gemis kent geen tijd..
    Fijne zonnige week toegewenst :)

  3. Such wonderful pictures and memories! You are so fortunate to have had her for so many years. My own mother died when I was 18 months old and I can't even remember her. She would be 80 if she were alive today.

  4. Oh gosh, that must be hard to remember. She looks happy, and 89 is a great age to live. I wish you peace.

  5. Wat een liefde straalt dit blogje uit!!
    Mijn moeder leeft nog
    ze is nu 83 maar gaat ook snel achteruit.

    Jou moedere ziet er erg goed uit voor 89 jaar
    ik wens je sterkte met het verlies van je lieve moeder (deze dag zul je nooit vergeten)

    Lieve groeten en sterkte

    (Knuffel voor lieve Pimmie
    van Kareltje & Betsie)

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. Everybody has or had a mother and it is nice to read the personal stories.

  7. She looked like a happy and friendly mum!
    Keep all the good memories!!

  8. This is a beautiful post,and it's so good to have a peaceful ending to life. R x

  9. I know you will cherish these photos always. My mother is 89, soon to be 90, and I know every day is a blessing.