zondag 3 april 2011

A Sunday Bridge in Amsterdam

The bridge over the river Amstel at the Ceintuurbaan. The yellow balls were there for a rowing-match.

Bells are ringing, barriers go down.

The bridge is going to open, watch the wires of the tramway, they are going up too.

It is so inventive those wires, I never understood how this worked. Now I saw there are two wires, one at each side of the bridge, they come together again when the bridge is closed and the tramway picks them up together when passing.
This big ship loaded with sand had to go through

A lot of people had to wait for the closed bridge.

Go, go, go, bridge is open.
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7 opmerkingen:

  1. I haven't seen a working bridge like that in a long time! Great photos.

  2. Intéressant reportage, Biebkriebels! A great contribution to "Sunday Bridges."
    I have never been to Amsterdam. The city is beautiful.
    There is a bridge like yours in Sète.

  3. cooool pics! i never saw that before; the tram wires!
    it looks like its not too old back home!

  4. new follower..great post...lovely photos! looking forward to more!!

  5. Het spijt me van Pimmie, hij zag er zo lief uit met dat schattige kopje! Sterkte!
    Mooie foto's uit ons geliefd Amsterdam!
    Groetjes, Ria

  6. This is so beautiful. I wish I could come visit!

  7. in amsterdam waar alles kan,
    daar heb je de mooiste theaters.

    daar worden de mooiste vrouwen gered
    van de draak, of de drank,
    en dan gaan ze naar bed
    met hun prinsen of psychiaters.