zondag 17 april 2011


Yesterday we went again to the "Oostvaardersplassen", a big nature area near Lelystad. This part we had not been before and I must say it made a bit desolated impression on me. It looked like a terrible hurricane had blown all trees, all the wood was dead. It was more or less a disaster area. I think nature has to go its own way here. 
We did hardly see any animal, only two dears and a few ducks and gooses who we also can see around our corner at home. Two people passed us with big photo equipment, I wonder if  they saw something special.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. The photo of the people on the bridge is very nice. That is some camera equipment that they have, It does look like a storm has been through there.

  2. i like the second photo!
    must be nice and wow, it looks rather warm back home! here its cold again... :(

  3. It does look like a disaster area,hopefully by summer there will be more green,and intime the area will regenerate.

    Have a good week! Rx

  4. Nice photos, but it does look a little desolate! I'm glad you are enjoying the eagle webcam.