woensdag 20 april 2011

City woman in the country.

Such a fluffy chicken I have never seen before.

Isn't she cute?
This one was doing a trick for me, look I can eat on my knees.

We have the most wonderful weather here, for April it is exceptional 24 C! We cycled to Eemnes a small village about 13 km from here to a tea-garden. It was in the middle of the countryside and we had a walk over a dike where sheep were lounging and eating. I am not a country girl so I have never walked between sheep. I was afraid the mothers would be angry and protect their lambs, but they were very friendly and posed for our photo's.
And there is always a black sheep of course, just one.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. A very good post for springtime. The lambs are so cute.

  2. mooie amsterdamse blog, kijk eens mijn foto blog this is belgium!
    groeten uit brussel

  3. The lambs are adorable and that little black one is pretty special... love your title for this posting and when I saw the first photo I thought you were referring to Miss Chicken as she does look quite fancy for the countryside!

    Oh, I looked back at your posts since I have been gone and love the post of blooms, particularly the one with the lake and the boats!


  4. oooh, how cute!
    i am getting more and more jealous, the weather over there is fabulous and here its still cold!!!

  5. btw, in utrecht there is a park, het julianapark, and there you have a lot of these "fluffy" chickens, many different kinds, really funny. but... at some point there were sooo many chickens, too much for the park. why? because people tired of their chickens at home, just dumped them in the park..

  6. CaT,
    Ha, ha, that is a funny story, typical human behaviour, just dump it when the fun is over.

  7. Genie,
    Yes that is a good one the chicken as city-girl.