dinsdag 17 mei 2011

The Filosloof

Last weekend we visited the MMKA,  a museum for modern art in Arnhem. In de garden I found this sculpture of "Maja van Hall". The title "the Filosloof" is very funny in dutch, but a bit difficult to translate in english. It means philosopher and drudge in one word. It expresses exactly the mood of vacuum cleaning, you do the work but your mind is elswhere on another level.
After two months of non-stop sunshine, is has started to rain here at last, so I think I am going to do a bit of  "filosloven" today.

By the way you know probably the famous fashion blogger "the Sartorialist". He visited Amsterdam this weekend to make some photo's and we saw him cycling on Dam-square! It was to fast and crowdy to make a picture of him but you can see his photo-result  here . The poor man ended up in the football festivities of local club victory Ajax.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. A philosopher that does other things more than thinking is more useful to the world. I like that blue texture.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  2. Great sculpture it shows the feeling one gets when vacuuming. My mind is always somewhere else when vacuuming and then I can't remember which bits I've done.

  3. I like this. It reminds me of me when I am vacuuming my house. I love the blue color too!

  4. I like the combination filosoof and sloof very much ! From now on, will think differently of vacuum cleaning.. more like an opportunity to be a philosopher

  5. Wonderful word and thank you for taking the time to explain it to us... I can totally relate - hah!


  6. Well, men can't multitask, but sometimes I think about the time I have to vacuum if I have eaten a piece of chocolate. I like the posture in the sculpture.

  7. interesting! and yes, filosloof is very funny, in dutch! :)
    i like vacuum cleaning... too bad i am always too busy doing other things.. ;) (no, i really do like doing it)

  8. I see everybody loves vacuum cleaning, thanks for your comments.