woensdag 11 mei 2011


Posted by PicasaAmsterdam, sitting in his window and watching the crowds in the street below. I really don't know what the papers in the other window are for, a message?

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  1. ha, I am glad there is something in the window to protect this fella. I would personally be very nervous about sitting there!

    Hope you are well, Bieb!

  2. hihihihi. he looks from the 60ties or something..

  3. He seems to enjoying some nice sunshine too!

  4. Very interesting study and I think that he has chosen a fine vantage point for observing the activity below. I wondered about the design of wrought iron on the building... Is that part of the supporting structure of the building? I have seen these in areas prone to shifting foundations... just wondering


  5. Genie,
    You are a good observer, I hadn't even noticed it. You're right, it joines a floor-beam to the facade. (thanks to my husband, a former architect)

    CaT, yes he is indeed, has even a joint in his fingers.

  6. Great photo! He looks like a Hippie!
    I really like your blog! If you don't mind, I'm going to follow along...

  7. He looks concentrated - I guess he has a pencil and not a "smokingpin" in his hand.

  8. Pat,
    You're free to follow my blog, I don't mind.
    Regards, M.