maandag 20 juni 2011

I am back

After ten days of touring through a magnificent part of Scandinavia I am back again. It is so difficult to sort out all the (to) many photo's and make a choice. We started with a touringcompany in Finland and drove to the north, the arctic circle and then passed the border to Norway which was the most beautiful part of the journey. We visited the North Cape and saw the amazing Midsummer Night Sun that came down and up again, a magical experience to stand in bright light in the middle of the night.
Then we went south to the beautiful LofotenIslands and through Sweden back to Finland where we flew back home.
Everybody had warned us for the bad weather there, but we started with 28 degrees Celsius = 82.4 Faherenheit in Rovaniemi and had sunshine every day, no rain at all. I'll show you a few first impressions.
As I live in a flat country I am always thrilled to see mountains and we saw a lot of them.
An inhabitant of Lapland in orgininal Sami costume. The reindeer is an albino that's why he has a pink horn. The good looking man in the black jacket is our tourleader, not bad to look at, isn't it ladies?

The dried cod at the Norwegian LofotenIslands.

Everywhere you see red wooden houses and always mountains in the background.

I will show you more of the tour the next days.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Really beautiful, Bieb! I feel as if I can smell how pure the air is.
    What are the reindeer for? The one you met seemed completely tame and calm. I'm astounded by how big his feet are.

    I look forward to seeing the rest of your travel photos!

  2. You have whetted my appetite for more views of this glorious land. The first shot looks like a National Geographic cover!

    Welcome home,

  3. Kitty,
    The reindeer are for meat and are not wild at all. They walk everywhere in the wild and sometimes on the roads. Once a year there is a big hunt to catch the ones for the slaughter.

  4. good that you are back!
    did you also eat the reindeer?
    i like the photos!

  5. Your pictures are wonderful and I'm glad you had such a good trip! I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  6. Mooie series Marian, je reis was zo te zien meer dan de moeite waard daar! De Stokvis zag ik eens drogen op het eilandje Runde aan de kust van Noorwegen vlakbij Alesund. En het licht is daar zo speciaal, ideaal voor fotografen. Mooi hoor, dank voor de beelden..

    fijne avond nog en mooie week,

    hartelijke groet,


  7. CaT,
    Yes I must admit I did eat reindeer and I liked it...
    Het licht is inderdaad prachtig daar, vooral als je steeds zon hebt.