zondag 26 juni 2011


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Over the large bridge in Tromso we walked to the Ishavskathedralen, the cathedral of the Northern Ice Sea, the white building right.

It has a huge leaded light window of 23 m high.

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  1. That church architecture is not as classic as the rest. Lovely and clear.



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  2. The stained glass is spectacular as is the exterior of the building,it must be dazzling in this lovely clear light.

    Enjoy your week!

  3. nice!!
    i would like togoto norway once again.
    i did an almost similar trip like you did, i think, with my parents, years ago. we went by car, and i was young and stupid and although i did find it all beautiful, i also liked to sleep, so i had sunglasses, and i would position myself such in the car, that it looked like i was watching out of the window, but in fact i was sleeping.... perhaps my parents knew anyways... :)

  4. CaT,
    Oh yes, children and parents on holiday. You always do it wrong, but later they appreciate it anyway. The sunglasses is a good one of you, ha,ha,ha.

  5. How clear and cool - these are beautiful.