vrijdag 22 juli 2011

MARTa Herford ( 2)

We went for a exhibition about the engineer, futurist and designer "Richard Buckmister Fuller"  (1895-1983). My husband was inspired by him when he studied architecture. It was not allowed to make photo's at the exhibition but in other parts of the building it was. This is an example of one of his ideas in the hall. If you want to know more about him and his work read here.

This is a view of the ceiling. We met somebody who works in the museum and she mentioned the problems with leaks by rainwater. I can imagine with such a complicated building. 

We had lunch in the futuristic cafe. Where the lady sits above right was not accessible for visitors but I think a room for meetings.
About the (strange) name of the museum, it is not someone called "Marta" but it means M=Mobel/Furniture, ART=art, a= ambience.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I have seen kids at school construct similar things. the cafe is way out. It must have been a fun visit.

  2. it looks very interesting. funny they told you there are leaks!!

  3. CaT, We asked for it because my husband used to work in an architect office and these buildings look good from the outside but always have problems for the users.

  4. The top photo reminds me of the climbing toy my girls had called a "geodesic dome" -- we had this rather than a swing-set and it was much enjoyed.

    Tell your husband that I have ordered many children's books on architecture for the grandchildren... almost a library full - hah!


  5. Genie,
    That is very nice to hear, I told Stef and he had to laugh. Grandchildren you are not yet that old?