woensdag 27 juli 2011


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For the foreign tourists we have lots of souvenirs, windmills, wooden shoes and Delftware. These were low priced on the market and I discovered a new item at the right, had this one never seen before in Delftware.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA. i had to look carefully, but i think which item you mean....

    i think souvenirs are so funny. i hardly buy them, anywhere, they are often so ugly and almost always useless... (ah, and expensive)

  2. Toen ik vanmiddag op mijn smart phone naar deze foto keek, dacht ik dat het een Amsterdammertje was...:)

  3. There's something fun about souvenirs even though they are so manufactured.

  4. I hope the are made in Holland. So many of our souvenirs are made in China. A souvenir from Australia made in China...Bah.

  5. CaT.
    Yes, most souvenirs you can get here too, the world has become smaller and you mostly do nothing with it.
    Ja is het niet bizar dat dacht ik eerst ook, er staat ook nog een tekst op "Love from Amsterdam"....