woensdag 3 augustus 2011

Beach life (Watery Wednesday)

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We have summer hot days here at the moment, so we biked to the Almere Beach to have a cool drink.
Some boys had fun on their noisy water scooters.

Other people enjoyed the quietness of swimming
This family also loved the beach.
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4 opmerkingen:

  1. bij ons heeft het mooie weer niet lang geduurd, nu volop regen

  2. Isn't summer wonderful?! I would love to be at the water's edge right now.

  3. that looks great!
    tim just went to the netherlands, thanks for ordering some good weather.. ;)
    here it started to rain like crazy yesterday evening and its a little cloudy today...grrr

  4. CaT,
    The weather is changing now but we are still dry, the east of the country is drowning...
    Not so "gezellig" that you couldn't go with Tim.