dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Funny Bikes

Also a way to attract customers in the shop. Watch the cleaning thing (stoffer en blik) in dutch, that my blog friend "CaT" mentioned in my picture of last Sunday. It is a new item apparently that everybody uses on the street.

Always smart to find your bike back with this colour.

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  1. Love the "flower bike" and rubber duckies in your first shot. The purple bike? What fun to have that color, and as you said it would be undeniably yours!


  2. What a pretty color in that second picture! I like the flower bike too.

  3. only in Holland!

  4. oooh, purple!! my favorite color! i want such a bike too...
    and the stoffer and blik i could clearly see in the reflection, but only after you told me that was what it was..! so funny.

  5. I have seen so many unique bikes in Amsterdam! I loved them all but biking there can be challenging!

    Great photos!
    Nelieta travel blog

  6. Nice way to recycle a bike! I've seen bikes used here in a more sad way, sometimes loved ones of someone who was hit by a car while riding their bike will put a bike on the spot where it happened with flowers and plaque as place of rememberance.

  7. Interesting shop front.......very kitsch! Do these cleaning tools disappear into the canals like the bikes?

    Have a lovely day,

  8. I love the bike with the pretty floral decoration - it would definitely entice me into the shop - lovely photos