vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Skywatch Friday

Amsterdam, seen from the north side with the river IJ in front. Right is the Central Station, the towers are the Nicolas Church and left are new buildings, a Music Theatre, a hotel and appartment buildings. As you can see we have heavy rainy days here, where is summer?
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9 opmerkingen:

  1. You have quite a varied landscape of the city with a mix of old and new. Although a crane or two do not speak beauty, they are a sign of growth or renewal. Have a wonderful weekend, mon amie!


  2. ow, yes... but it is a nice photo with those clouds!
    tim also was not too happy and said he only had bad weather...

  3. It looks like rain is on it's way again - but still a pretty sky - the cloud formation is lovely!

  4. Mooie foto Marianne ! Dramatic sky ! I think summer came to our place - and stayed ! It's been very warm and dry for a long time.

    Fijn weekeind !

  5. A grey day. We are lucky at the moment with lots of sunshine in the winter.