dinsdag 20 september 2011

Playing in the parc

In the Westerparc last Sunday was a group of people playing soft ball. When I looked closer on my screen I noticed a man with an "Ernie" hat and a kissing couple. It is funny to see  more details after making the photo.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I like when I discover more going on in the scene too than I orginally noticed.

  2. Finding more than you originally saw is very typical of the shots I take in Paris (and Beyond). Some days it is like a treasure hunt to see what else is in the photo. I found the kissers and the Ernie hat. Did you find Waldo?

    (Do you know about "Where's Waldo?"


  3. Genie,
    Yes I do, I worked in a library and many children asked me for "Waar is Wally?" Loved the book very much. The comparison you made is funny.
    Greetings, Marianne

  4. hihi, i also often see more after looking at the picture at the screen...

    and i like willy too! but i see it is wally? i never know.. :)