donderdag 8 september 2011

The Portugese Synagoge

In 1492 Spain expelled its Jewish population. Many who fled to Portugal were nevertheless forcibly baptized after 1496. More than 100 years later, their descendants -victims of the inquisition who wished to live as Jews- began to arrive in Amsterdam. At that time the Dutch Republic was at war with Spain, so to avoid being identified with the Spanish enemy, these refugees called themselves "Portugese Jews".
This Synagoge is built between 1671-1675 and amazingly not destroyed during WWII. There have been some restorations in 1852 and 1955 and it looks very authentic. The deal floor is covered with fine sand -in the old Dutch fashion- to absorb dust, moisture and dirt from shoes and to muffle the noise.

Look at he beautiful wooden ceiling.

The courtyard almost looks like an old village square. I had never been inside here before and was very impressed by its beauty. You can read more about the history here.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Very interesting..and a beautiful structure.

  2. The history over the centuries is fascinating and we are so fortunate to still have this building.... so beautiful with its wood ceiling!


  3. I love the wooden ceiling & the column as well. Nice shots!

  4. Isn't it an incredible twist of history that the Portuguese Synagogue survived the invasion by the Nazis?

  5. Again, interesting history. I've read several books and articles about Amsterdam historically being a haven for people with various political and religious backgrounds. Part of the allure of your region is this blend of people.

  6. It is a magnificent building! I enjoyed reading the history too.