woensdag 19 oktober 2011

Dutch Theatre

The Hollandse Schouwburg ("Dutch Theatre") is not a theatre anymore, it is only a facade. Until 1940 it was a popular theatre in the "Plantage-neighbourhood" in Amsterdam. After the German Nazis had occupied the Netherlands in World War II, they changed the name in "Jewish Theatre" and only Jewish artists were allowed to perform there for Jewish audience. From august 1942 the Jews of Amsterdam were brought in here to be deported to a dutch transit  camp "Westerbork" and after that to the extermination camps in Germany and Poland.
These are the remains of the theatre hall in the courtyard.  In 1962 a remembrance monument was placed here for the Jewish war victims, 110.000 Jewish people has been transported from the Netherlands to the extermination camps, to be killed.

To make a donation you can buy a tulip with a personal message and place it on the wall.

In 1993 the place was renovated with a memorial chapel and a remembrance wall with 6.700 family names which symbolizes all the murdered Jews in the Netherlands.
You can read more about the monument here

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  1. PAst wel een beetje bij zo'n herfst achtige dag

  2. indrukwekkende foto's en reportage

  3. A beautiful building with a sad history.
    The buildings in York have been cleaned up and maintained as a lure for tourists but they are also still used.

  4. It is a magnificent building even though it has such sad memories attached to it. The memorial is lovely.

  5. How sad - all those beautiful lives lost. What a lovely way to remember them by buying a tulip!

  6. i never went there.
    interesting. the tulip-with wishes are very pretty, i think.

  7. Wat een leuk idee
    die tulpen met boodschap
    tegen de muur :-)

    (Wanneer komt je nieuwe poesje
    ik ben zo benieuwd !!!)

    groetjes :)

  8. Nice the way it is done with tulips andpersonal messages.