vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

Here I am

In my computer chair.

Between the books.

Under the table  on a chair.

This is our new cat who arrived yesterday. She is very shy and hiding away all the time under a cupboard, or in the bookshelves and on chairs under the table. As long as she has a roof above her head. She is two years old, very small and comes from a "British Shorthair" cattery. She has a weird name "Bar" from Barcode because of her stripes! We are still thinking about another name, any suggestions?

10 opmerkingen:

  1. suggested name roof(ie) as in roof over her head

  2. Wat een dotje! De bovenste foto is héél apart! Ik had het onderschrift nog niet gelezen en zat echt te puzzelen. Leuk hoor.
    Suggestie naam: Olijfje.
    Groet en prettig weekend,

  3. She's absolutely gorgeous - with such a pretty face - I can't think of a name at the moment but it has to be something sweet to match her lovely gentle manner.

  4. aaah, ze moet nog wennen!
    but i think Bar is actually a funny name, referring to barcode!
    what about Barry? :D i once had a roommate and without warning me she "took" a cat. one night i came home, and there was this cat, so shy, in a corner. she herself would be gone for days and that poor cat was just sitting there. she never told me the name of that cat, but once someone came over for dinner, and he called the cat barry, and from then on i started to call the cat barry, till at some point he listened to me.... (and then i moved out)

  5. She is lovely,I hope you will all be very happy together.She has beautiful eyes....maybe she'd like a soft and feminine name!!!

  6. She's adorable! I just love her pretty little face.

  7. CaT,
    That was a funny story about your roommate. Bar sounds a bit like a bar where you have a drink.

  8. Congratulations on your new and cute cat!

    "Mjau" from me inStavanger.

  9. haha, she looks like she's thinking, 'drat, that camera again! where can I get some peace?!' what funny expressions!

    her whiskers are so nicely long.