vrijdag 7 oktober 2011


The MAS, (Museum on the Stream) in Antwerp has opened this spring and is a real eyecatcher.
The red towers of the MAS are covered with hand-cut Indian stone and the curved glass panels are at least six meters high. The MAS is designed as a giant storehouse with stacked containers or "boxes". These museum boxes are stacked in such a way that they create a spiral tower. As you ascend, you get a constantly changing view of the city. On the roof you get a 360 o panorama over Antwerp.

You have a free walk upstairs to the tenth floor which we did, we were more interested in the building than the museum, so we will visit the museum-collections an other time.

The view over Antwerp was not so good, we had a bit strange weather, very warm but a bit misty.

A view in the entrance hall.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Staat nog op mijn lijstje van gebouwen. Lijkt me nu al de moeite waard

  2. it looks very cool. also the shadows of the railing...!
    must indeed be even better during a sunny day!

  3. I think that this building was beautifully designed with the curved glass. You captured it beautifully with the shadows on the slate floors.


  4. The view from the top must be amazing - I love the curved glass -it gives a very modern feel to the building!
    Lovely captures as always!

  5. Great design. What an eye catching building.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  6. heel mooi gefotografeerd, can't wait to go take pictures myself for this is belgium !