vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

Occupy Sofietje

Our kitty has her own tent to occupy. She still needs a roof over her hat and my daughter had the bright idea to bring a "kitty tent" for her. She loves to sleep in it. She still is very anxious and not so used to humans I think. When I showed her the rest of our home, she went straight to the attic which is full of chaos and hided herself in an far corner behind all kinds of heavy stuff.
From 12 noon till 12 midnight she sat there until she finally came down the stairs to the ground floor and we could go to sleep. We tried to tidy up the attic but there is so much stuff we have brought together in so many years, we don't know where to start.
So you see she keeps us busy.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. It is great that she likes her new little house. One does collect a lot of stuff over the years and we don't jave an attic to store it.

  2. oh hooray!!!!!

    I'm so glad you rescued a cat, Bieb. Looks like she is doing what cats do.

    I'm excited to watch her settle in!!

  3. She is so lovely, it was wonderful that you rescued her Bieb, when she is settled she will show her appreciation and love you lots. Great idea with the mini tent, such a cute shot.

  4. You know how happy I am for you and new kitty. She has found a loving home and will return your affections 1,000 times over. Does she have a name yet and does she know that she will be featured here from time to time?

    Hugs to you,

  5. ooh, how cute!
    and good luck with the attic... :)

  6. That tent idea is a good one! I love attics! Especially cluttered ones.

  7. What a great idea and a very cute kitty.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  8. Ha ha - prachtige foto and caption ! Die kat heeft geen zorg in de wereld !

  9. I think this means you have a new kitty to love. Love the title to your post!

  10. Ohoh....
    komt me bekend voor!

    De zolder is verboden terrein
    want als Kareltje daar is verstopt hij zich ook altijd
    en onze zolder staat ook VOL :(
    en maar wachten tot ze er vanzelf uit komen (ik ken dat gevoel ;)

    Leuk dat tentje
    ziet er erg leuk uit :)
    Ze zal zich wel iedere dag een beetje meer thuis voelen :)
    Geduld geduld Marianne :))

    Fijn Week-end