zondag 16 oktober 2011

Weekend Reflections

At the cemetery "Zorgvlied" in Amsterdam the grave of "Frank Govers" a famous dutch fashion designer who died in 1997. He was inspired by the hippies in the sixties and later designed the "boho chic" in the seventies. He was the first fashion designer in the Netherlands who made a commercial on television for washing power which was not done in the ninetees. But it was a big hit and everybody remembers his voice. See for other Weekend Relections here

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi ...Yes we were in Paris over the weekend. We now have arrived in St. Jean de Luz. Will be here for a week...and then inland for another. Weather sure is nice! I hoe you have the sun in Nederland!

  2. Peaceful. I like the flat gravestones, you don't see that much over here.

  3. haha, might be weird, but sometimes i miss dutch commercials... now i totally dont know what commercials are around currently...