vrijdag 18 november 2011


It was very foggy yesterday and very cold, 1 degree C (33.8 F),  but it is special to make photo's, there is a haze over everything.

Amsterdam has fastened the Christmas lights already in the city, here at the Damrak with the Central Station in the end.
To the left you can see the tents of" Occupy Amsterdam" who are still camping in the freezing nights.There is worldwide an irritation to remove the camps, it has been long enough. The shops around the square want them to move because of their commercial interests.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Very beautiful images.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. oooh, sooooo nice! its almost a year since a was there!! :(

    yes.. well i think they should go, its so dirty and smelly! lets see what will happen...

  3. the fog makes the city and the river very special

  4. Amsterdam looks so festive in it's Christmas finery but I also love the fog that gives it a touch of the hidden and romantic.

    No, unfortunately that lovely old stove in my header is not mine although I would dearly like to have it. It was from a farm we stayed at in our desert country - see my last OUR WORLD post.

  5. ah the fog is very atmospheric!
    lovely shots, Bieb!

  6. I love foggy morning shots. We have a few foggy mornings here where I live also. Looks like Amsterdam is beautifully decorated for the Christmas season.