donderdag 10 november 2011

St. Olofs-Chapel

Yesterday we said goodbye to a good friend and architect Joop van Stigt who passed away last Friday.
We remembered him in the St. Olofs Chapel situated in one of the oldest parts of Amsterdam the Zeedijk. The chapel was built in 1440 and named to a Norwegian King Olof. In 1966 the building was partly destroyed by fire and many originals parts had gone lost. From 1990-1992 the chapel has been restored by Joop van Stigt and his son and looks beautiful again. It is used as a conference room and has a underground tunnel to the Barbizon hotel nearby. Look here and here for more information about the chapel and the restoration.
(photo from internet)

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  1. It is a sad day when we have to goodbye to such talented people. It is so good that he finished the Chapel.