donderdag 8 december 2011

Biebkriebels as paparazzi

Yesterday I walked in Amsterdam when I saw a crowd in front of a cinema palace "Tuschinski". It happened to be a premiere of a childrens movie I had never heard of. But the funny thing was I suddenly saw many wellknown actors in reality in front of me. I joined the busy press photographers
and started to make my own "celebrity" photo's. I must admit these are no international actors, only known in our little country the Netherlands.
The man is Aart Staartjes and the little boy is Teun Stokkel, they are both the main actors in the movie Het gordijnpaleis van Ollie Hartmoed

Susan Visser

Kitty Courbois

Bracha van Doesburg

The press photographer Edwin Smulders who became famous when he made the first photo of our crownprince Willem Alexander with his Argentine girlfiend Maxima in New York.

Looking a bit suspicious at me, his concurrent, hi, hi,hi.

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Well done. Especcially the picture of Aart Staartjes I like. Had a discussion of Facebook last week, if I didn't miss the Sinterklaas preparations someone asked me. The things I miss are 'kruidnoten' and 'meneer Aart' I told him. He sent me recepy for the 'kruidnoten', you provided 'meneer Aart'. Thanks!

  2. oooh, thats really cool!
    a nice surprise, when you walk around. :)
    i especially like the last one, i guss hes not used to that... now he knows how it feels

  3. Nice shooting. It seems like you changed city's and now are living in Amsterdam most of the time

  4. I don't know any of these celebrities, but Bracha looks quite like a friend of mine in Amsterdam. And the look the photographer gave you shows how photographers feel more comfortable behind than in front of the lens. :-)

  5. Wow! What a wonderful photo opportunity.......and excellent shots.
    I hope the official photos were as interesting!

  6. Good old Aart :)
    Hele Goede en mooie serie!

  7. How exciting for you! Those are wonderful pictures. He is really giving you "the eye" in that last shot!

  8. You were so lucky, and your captures on the spot are great. The actors are all so nice looking.I bet you had a ball taking these shots. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Kudos to you. genie

  9. Gosh! You were in the right place at the right time! That photographer was as good looking as the actors..He shouldn't be surprised to be photographed! Good job!...Janey

  10. haha. I hope you had fun taking these. It looks like quite a hubub!