donderdag 29 december 2011


There are a few interesting photo exhibitions in Amsterdam. We visited two of them yesterday. The first was in "FOAM" the Photography Museum Amsterdam about the american photographer Joel Sternfeld (1944). More than one hundred color photographs were shown about american life since 1970. I loved it.

The second exhibition was in "Huis Marseille" Museum for Photography. The Japanese photographer Naoya Hatakeyama (1958) makes photo's of explosions and blasts like in an open limestone mine. He also photographed the devastation ot the tsunami in his country and ironicly his own parental home had disappeared in the tragedy with his mother who didn't survive.

I wanted to show you the difference between the two museums. They both are housed in a canal house, the first one is partly rebuild in modern style and the second has preserved its original marble entrance.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the beautiful ceilings in the second shot. How delightful to know there are still some in the world who want to preserve what is. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I hadn't heard of Joel Sternfeld Bieb, so I Googled him, fantastic..would have been a great exhibition, lucky you.

  3. I like the museum which has retained its old charm. The exhibitions sounded interesting.