dinsdag 20 december 2011

Santa village

This Santa I met in June in Rovaniemi in Finland, the place where Santa lives. It was 30 degrees C (86 F) at that time and a bit weird to see all the Christmas stuff in the heat.

Here you could give your letter to Santa and at this time of the year you would receive an answer of him. I didn't because I don't believe in Santa....

It was possible to meet Santa in person which I also didn't do. They made quite an experience of it, you had to walk a whole parcours over little bridges in the dark and to take a photograph was not allowed. In the end you had to wait with a lot of other visitors to meet and great Santa and have an (expensive) photo with him. I turned around and made a sneakily photo of this picture, which is a bit blurry, but now you see the one and only real Santa.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. wow, his beard is sooooo long. is that it? thats how you see which ones are fake and which one is real?

  2. Thank you for showing us the REAL Santa - I can't imagine it being 30* there.