maandag 2 januari 2012


This is Almere as it looks now, although we don't have a cold winter so far, 12 degrees C (53.6 F), it is all grey and wet.

And this was in summer.....

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  1. I love the Summer photo with those pretty white meadow flowers - but the landscape colourings in the Winter shot has a beauty of it's own.

  2. Happy New Year. I remember New Years EVE IN Holland. With all of the popping fireworks. I thought a war had started!

  3. Janey,
    You're right it is war and many people hate it. Pets get very frightened and many accidents happen with eyes and hands.

  4. Optimism in the middle of winter!
    In a few weeks we will really notice more daylight.
    Best wishes,

  5. How different the same scene can look from one season to the next, I like them both but the mass of white flowers does look fabulous. Very best wishes for the coming year Bieb.

  6. Lovely white flowers. I"m wondering if it's what we call "Queen Ann's Lace" here.

    ANd those trees, my oh my what have they done to them? Thanks for sharing your winter and summer with us. I hope you had a lovely holiday and will have a smashing new year!

  7. These trees are cut very short. I am always wondering how they can survive.


  8. Lovely die knotwilgen (lol geen idee wat knotwilgen in engels is.) Ieder seisoen heeft zijn eigen charme.
    Wish you all the best for 2012

  9. pretty! i like those trees, they are so dutch to me! i ust realized i have not been in the netherlands in 2011 at all. only in the usa....
    here (back in boston), its not that cold either, still no snow!

  10. The leafless trees make it look sad.

  11. Oh wow, I love before/after photos and these two are just spectacular.
    My choice goes to summer any day...