maandag 16 januari 2012


In the 16th and 17th Century the dutch started to explore the world by ship to find overseas countries and products. With the simple geographical maps they had, they reached Indie, the current Indonesia, which became a dutch colony until 1948. There was a South-way or a North-way to reach the goal.
These buildings are situated in the so called "explorer" area in Amsterdam and the walls have  historical murals.
I had never seen these and was blown away by the beauty of it. The last picture is of "Willem Barents" who went the North-way and got stuck in the ice with his ship on the Northpole at Nova Zembla and had to hibernate there. He didn't survive but a few of his crew did. The dutch directer Reinoud Oerlemans  has just  made a movie of this adventure.


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  1. That looks an interesting movie even though I couldn't understand it. The wall explorer murals are great .Did they have any that came to Australia?

  2. These murals are beautiful! Maybe you want to join 'Monday Mural' with them at:

  3. The wall murals are amazing Bieb, I hope they never get painted over. The movie looks like it could be exciting too.

  4. cool! i never saw those either.....
    did you see that movie?

  5. Excellent wall paintings, the first picture reminds me of Delft.


  6. Wat schitterend zijn ze. Daar wil ik gauw een keer naar toe. Zouden toch gauw weer eens naar mijn man zijn geboortestad gaan.Groetjes van Riet

  7. wow, I love the engraving aesthetic.
    That, with the color palette is very striking.

  8. CaT,
    Yes, I did see it in 3D, I liked it, but it is no international topper I think.

  9. Marianne,

    Carolyn at Oakland DP has a new meme called Monday Murals which may still be open for this week. YOu should think about entering this post. It is a perfect choice for the meme.