vrijdag 6 januari 2012

Skywatch Friday and High Water

This photo is not only about the sky, but also about the water. We all know we are living below the sea-level but we don't realize it on a daily base. We have dykes and people who keep an eye on them.When there is to much water they discharge the water into the sea. But yesterday we had such a heavy storm and rain from the north that we had a situation that the wind blew to much water further inland and it couldn't get out anymore because of the storm. Some parts in the North of our country are flooded now and farmers have to be evacuated with their cattle. Some dykes threaten to break wich is big news here.
We live in the middle of the country so we are safe, but it is all a bit turbulent for everybody.
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9 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh my. I am happy that you are safe. The weather around the world has been crazy lately. I always felt that the Dutch were very clever people...with their dykes!...Janey

  2. This beautiful,atmospheric image belies the threat....stay safe!

  3. That is a bit scary! The water is pretty though.

  4. ooh, yes, i heard about it!
    beehhh. hope it wont be toooo bad...

  5. Make you think this weather. We are living on the west side of the country and if the dykes break we are lost. However the area we live in is so populated it is probably the area with the strongest dykes.