vrijdag 20 januari 2012

Take a ride

Last weekend we had sunny weather and beautiful skies so we drove to Amsterdam. I was sitting next to the chauffeur, my hubby, with my camera and decided to make pictures from the roads we were driving. So I invite you to drive along with me from Almere to Amsterdam.

Passing the bridge over the Amsterdam-Rhine canal. Last year it has been widened into a four lane motorway to have the traffic an easier run through.

Trains are passing by along the road.

We pass the new suburb of Amsterdam "IJburg" with the new spectacular bridge.

We noticed the motorcyclist was wearing slippers, it was freezing cold!

Entering the Piet Heintunnel.

The tunnel is 1900 metres long.

Leaving the tunnel you are right in the centre of Amsterdam with new office-buildings. The three tables with beehives hanging on top is a piece of art. This area used to be a harbour quarter and is complete renovated.

The glass building is a cruiseship terminal and the high building a hotel.

The Central Train Station with the new Bus-terminal right above.

And here the ride ends. Hope you enjoyed.

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9 opmerkingen:

  1. Cool trip and nice pics and text!
    I enjoyed the ride :)

  2. Dat was een gezellig tochtje naar Amsterdam. Foto's goed gelukt vanuit de auto

  3. I did enjoy the ride! Thank you. The pictures are beautiful.

  4. aaah, thats so nice!
    that white bride in ijburg looks very interesting too. never saw that!

  5. Mooie brug zeg Gewoonlijk als ik nederland bezoek durf ik niet meer te rijden. Ik ben al die banen en drukte niet meer gewend. we zullen wel veel van de trein gebruik maken

  6. Thanks for the ride! Love the clouds in your rear-view mirror (4th photo).

  7. Nice roadtrip. What I find most interesting is how the clouds hover and spread out over the roadway and then clear on the sides off the road.

  8. Oh my. It has been over 30 years since I lived in A'dam and at least 20 since I last visited.... it looks so strange now. Seeing all your pictures makes me long for a return visit.