dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Taphophile Tragics # 8

This is the grave of "Willem Wagenaar" (1909-1999) at the cemetery Zorgvlied in Amsterdam.
He was a painter, art gallery owner, art teacher and surrealist. He owned a little art shop in Utrecht which he made a magical centre of the dutch surrealism in 1930. During WWII almost all his paintings were destroyed an he even was prisoned. After the war he worked as movie-operator in a Amsterdam cinema.
In 1980 a meeting place for surrealistic artists in a Amsterdam cafe was started where a few artists met each other among Willem, although he was very old, he was still very smart.
This painting of the famous Spanish bullfighter Manolete he made in 1942.

This is my tribute to Taphophile Tragics

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  1. He does look a very dapper gentleman, Marianne. If he was interested in the surreal, then his grave ornament is the opposite of this being a roman draped young woman. I note too, that his friends are still adorning his grave with fresh flowers. How remarkable!

    I notice you say that the temperature is rising in Holland. I think this to be a good thing, yes?

  2. What a wonderful story and your photo is beautiful. The red flowers are a great contrast to the cemetery setting.


  3. How lovely that someone still brings him flowers!

  4. What a beautiful monument and such an interesting post!

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  5. I had the same reaction as Julie. I hope Wagenaar had a sense of humor, otherwise he might be annoyed by the choice of statuary marking his grave. Even though she is quite lovely.

  6. Julie,
    Yes winter has gone in one day! All the snow melted away, it is 6 C, (42.8 F), it is amazing after 12days in Siberia.
    I couldn't find so much information about the painter, he is not so well known and I almost mixed him up with another artist with the same name.

  7. Lovely Art Nouveau monument on his grave. What a great pity his works were destroyed. It's always sad to see art being the victim of hate and the horrors of war.

  8. I also found the choice of monument to be a little off the mark in respecting his artistic style. Then again, maybe he even chose it for himself?!

  9. He must have been loved What a beautiful statue and roses.

  10. Very interesting. It is a tragedy that his paintings were destroyed in the war.

  11. yes, i was also wondering who choose that grave? mabe he desigend it himself? was he married?
    i do like his grave, haha. did someone put flowers around her head?

  12. CaT,
    I don't know much about him, it was nowhere mentioned he ever got married, so I don't think so.
    Ik heb ook de verkeerde foto van hem geplaatst!! Ik dacht dat ik het graf van een heel andere WW had gefotografeerd tot ik de datum zag. Wat een gedoe allemaal...

  13. thats a very artistic statue in the photo, sort of risque for a burial marker..but quite lovely. He was a very talented artist.