vrijdag 9 maart 2012

Apple Store

This week Apple has opened their first Flagship Store in Amsterdam at the "Leidsesquare". The impressive  building used to be a fashion-palace "Hirsch & Cie" for the upper ten from 1912-1976. In the seventies it had to close because younger people didn't want to wear the "old-fashioned" clothes. A Bank has used the building until 2011 when Apple started to renovate the inside.

The famous glass stairs,  but they had to remove a part of the floor to get a vide.

When it opened last saturday there was a huge queue around the building, but at a weekly day it was a bit quiet.

They tried to keep some old elements as the pilars and illumination equipement with copper, but I am not sure I like the result.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. You really did a great job with your photos. Come to think of it there's not much difference between a bank and an Apple store :-)

  2. i think it looks pretty.
    was there no apple store at all in amsterdam before? thats surprising..
    i know there is one in utrecht!

  3. Nice that you keep up with the opening so quickly. Hope you get a lot of views. I saw some youTube movies about the opening, it looked like fun.


  4. Dat oude gebouw daar wandelde ik altijd langs met mijn baby. Heel lang geleden. De mode winkel van Max Heijmans zat er in en het was er zo deftig, ik durfde er nooit naar binnen . Nou zie ik het eindelijk eens van binnen, wel erg mooi.
    Apple store, mijn zoon zal er ook wel naar toe willen.

  5. A great look inside this Apple store .... The interior is very different to the stately exterior.. I would love to spend some time in there.
    Have a lovely weekend

  6. CaT,
    It is the first shop of Apple self, the other shops are retails, we have one in Almere too. But this one in Amsterdam is like the one in New York with the glass stairs. I didn't know the difference too but it was explained to me.

  7. It looks a nice store. I love to see old buildings given a new lease on life. Bill would be in heaven in that shop.

  8. Oh I always have to hold my husband's hand if we take the stairs in the store here in NY. I am afraid of heights and these stairs give me the creeps, even when I look at it in your photo, haha. THis store in A'dam is huge, as far as I can see in your photos, it really looks beautiful though!

  9. Great captures! I love Apple stores (being an Apple user for decades now)...

  10. What a nice and interesting place.
    Very smart the way they have done the stairs, the style and space it has got.

  11. This must be the most beautiful Apple store in the world. I don't understand the word "vide."