dinsdag 6 maart 2012

Mushrooms and Spores.

I hadn't been in Amsterdam for two weeks so last Sunday I really had to go. First we saw a car-driver cracking his car against an "Amsterdammertje" the red brown steel bollard you see along the canals to prevent parking. Then we had to avoid a weird shouting man waving his arms in the air, and then we passed this shopwindow. I couldn't believe my eyes, what was this?

We were curious so went inside and it happened to be a "Mushroom Paradise", an urban mushroomfarm in the centre of Amsterdam! This projection is called the "Secret Sounds of Spores". A laser beam shines under a mushroom and the Spores which are falling, flash for a moment in the light. A camera sends it to a computer where it is converted in a computersignal that gives a musical sound. Can you believe it!

This installation is called "Body of Changes". The mould Schizophyllum Commune is used as a new method to bury people. The wrapping of felt gets moulds which show the expansion and the rotting which normally only can be seen underground.
Well it was an interesting afternoon, a combination of laboratory and art, never a dull moment in Amsterdam.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Dat is allemaal wel heel speciaal hè, kan me voorstellen dat je even binnen ging kijken.

  2. Heel interessant. Daar moet je ook maar net tegen aan lopen.

  3. een prachtcombinatie toch? kunst en wetenschap !
    het is op een of andere manier altijd interessant!

  4. I was with you until that last mummy shot... ewwwww! I agree that there must never be a dull moment in Amsterdam!


  5. I agree with Genie...but I appreciate you keeping us informed even if it is a bit bizarre..

  6. my goodness!
    I'm not sure I'd want to be wrapped with mushrooms growing on me....but I wouldn't be able to stop it from happening.

    Glad you got out to the city, Bieb!

  7. wow, that is just sooooo weird!
    whats the bottom picture? some sort of mushroom sculpture?
    and they really bury people like that? im confused!

  8. CaT,
    I don't know what was under the filt, it was all so weird, but you could follow the proces at home on your computer, yek... I don't know this was all a big joke or science. It felt we had jumped in a kind of science fiction movie.

  9. Never saw something like it That last picture is a very weird experiment like thing