donderdag 26 april 2012

Confusing Museum

This blurry photo was made in the Amsterdam Museum, me as a kind of knight with a collar. Museums are changing, you don't just walk and watch what is exposed but you have to be active. In fact everything is interactive. You hear sounds, have to push at buttons and watch short movies. In this museum we received at the entrance a piece of paper with a QR-code which you could use to open more information.

We held our QR-code against an electronic eye to make a photo. The results were put on a website of the museum you could watch at home. As you can see the photos are rather hilarious, everybody is only seen in a corner of the photo, without the harnas.

In fact this had to be the result. SC made this photo of me in the harnas, trying to use my QR-code. He was so "interactive" that even this one is blurry. Well we had a lot of fun.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I love it Bieb, it really does look like you had fun, and you have the photos to prove it haha!

  2. What a wonderful place to visit .... Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  3. hahahaha, it looks very funny. nice picture! seems like an interesting museum.