maandag 16 april 2012


Since April 4 there is a new Museum in Amsterdam the EYE Filminstitute Netherlands, a Dutch centre for film culture and heritage. It is situated along the northern bank of the River  IJ and designed by Viennese architects Delugan Meissl. In the press it was announced that a spaceship had landed, others see a bird in it.

It was Museumweekend and the entrance was free so we decided to have a look and went by ferry to the other side.

It was the "hot spot" of Amsterdam as there were so many people, this is the main entrance with a cafe/restaurant. There are three cinemas inside and an exhibition centre, we only went for the exhibition with short fragments of old movies.

It was a very icy day 9 degrees C (48.2 F) with strong winds, so the terrace was not so inviting.

The children enjoyed themselves with gliding from the tiles at the entrance. Can you see the black stripes they made with their shoes on the brand-new building? Parents just stood there, watched their brood and warned them to be carefull..... I really don't understand this.

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  1. Nice pictures, I wonder when the spring is going to start. 9 degrees !!!


  2. Dat is een prachtig complex geworden. Wat een drukte.

  3. Reminds be of a fat Concorde (aircraft).

    A shame that the parents would let children damage such a beautiful new public space!

  4. It's a beautifully designed building Riet ... Very modern.

  5. yes, it looks like a spaceship i think. what do you think?
    at first i thought it was designed like this for the kids to play, but it is not like that, right? thats indeed not very nice, especially from the parents. im sure here in the us there would be a security person telling everyone to stop "for their own safety"

  6. It is a beautiful museum. I would love to visit but I wouldn't like to see the children treating it like a playground. Some parents today have no idea.

  7. CaT,
    Yes a spaceship it is and it is so well placed at the bank, you can see it from everywhere.
    Children are little kings and queens here.You can see a wooden wall in the picture of the hall, they were gliding there too. Somebody of the staff had printed an A4 with the words forbidden to glide and glued it on the wall. This is crazy, isn't it to use the museum as a playground.

  8. What an amazing building Bieb, such an innovative design, Why is there always some parents who just let their children run amok!!

  9. Beautiful modern building!
    Something I took pride in as being Dutch, but no more:( Parents have changed over the last 20 years in Holland - in terms of respecting property of others