maandag 30 april 2012


Like last year we visited the Tulipfestival in the North-Eastpolder. This is a field with many, many different kinds of tulips. I didn't know there were so many shapes and colours.

You can drive by car along the endless tulipfields near the farms and walk carefully in the fields.

Each field has its own colour.

We also met this couple dressed in original folkloric costume. It was not for the tourists, but they really wear this on Sunday when they go to church. It is the costume of the Province Friesland.

She was very kind to show us all the details and tell stories about them. She wears a real silver helmet under her lace bonnet with silver ornaments on both sides of her head.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. You did a great job in capturing the colours in your photos.

  2. wow! are the tulips for sale? They are very striking.

    Mark would wonder out loud at her headdress. I would have to think it's hot in the summer? Nice that they posed for you.

  3. Stunning vibrant fields of colour. A delight to the eyes. I especially love your top pic with its layers of colour.

  4. I would love to see those fields. Such gorgeous colors.

  5. Superb images Bieb, is that you looking gorgeous in amongst the tulips in the second shot! Very interesting headwear, bet she's happy she only has to wear it on Sunday.

  6. PerthDailyOhoto,
    Yes it is me indeed.
    The tulips were for sale and very cheap, just 2.50 euro for 10 tulips. I bought 40 of them in all kind of colours!

  7. Very nice picture of you in the red tulip field.


  8. mooie kleurrijke reportage !
    de moeite om daar even in rond te lopen
    happy koninginnendag

  9. Prachtige kleuren (en heerlijke geuren).

    Interessante klederdracht !

    Fijne week, Marianne.

  10. ooooh, so pretty!! very nice. i want to go there too.....
    many of those tulips are "engineered", just by crossing certain types together they "make" new kinds!

  11. Wonderful!
    One day I will be there, somehow.

    I have a photo of my parents wearing national costumes like this:)

    Taken before they got married.