zondag 6 mei 2012

Liberation Day

After Remembrance day we have May 5th the Liberation Day. There are all kind of festivities to celebrate the freedom we live in here. In Almere were several stages with music but I was fascinated by this man playing with his hoops. It was like nobody took any notice of him and he was not aware of the people around him.  He was there turning around and around complete on his own. I think that is real freedom.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Ha bij jullie is het bevrijdingsfeest gevierd. Ik heb er hier helemaal niks van gemerkt, nergens iets te beleven. Koninginnedag was wel uitbundig gelukkig en het was nog zulk prachtig weer ook. Gisteren was het koud en nat,wanneer zou het eens beter worden.
    Fijne Zondag nog

  2. This guy certainly knows how to create his personal space in a crowd!


  3. :)
    i used to do that as a kid. but only around my waist... i tried around my neck but that didnt work ofcourse..
    recently i tried to do it again here in a supermarket, when i saw them, but i couldnt do it at all anymore... :(

  4. CaT,
    Yes, I had the same expierence in the museum of the 20th century. I tried one because I always was pretty good in hoela hoepen. But I couldn't manage.