donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Advertising Posters

In the "Drents Museum" in Assen we visited last weekend, was a nice exhibition about advertising posters from the twenties. This one is clear about a cycle brand, it looks the designer has used the Museum-square in Amsterdam as inspiration.

And this one about a motorcycle, I hope the white clouds are not ment to be smoke from the engine.

The left one is about an Argentine dansgroup, the next is clear about a movie with Marlene Dietrich.
The right one is about a benefit-evening for the Jewish refugies in 1933 in a theather in Amsterdam.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Interesting to see so many bikes,even in the twenties!


  2. It is amazing that such old posters still exist. It must be an interesting exhibition.

  3. Fabulous posters, they really did have great style in the 'roaring twenties'!!

  4. especially the first one is really nice!
    we once saw such an exhibit here, with similar posters for holiday destinations (the dutch one ofcourse had a windmill)

  5. Wat leuk en interessant! Ik krijg ook wel zin om het te gaan bekijken.

  6. I love these old posters ... especially the Simplex cycles in the Museum square.