zondag 26 augustus 2012

Cultural Market

The "Uitmarkt" in Amsterdam is the traditional opening of the theater season. Museums, theaters and publishers present themselves with all kind of activities which is always fun to visit. The heatwave of last weekend has completly gone and forgotten, we have downpours after downpours now as you can see at the sky above . A few moments later people had to rush away to take a shelter and I had to protect my camera so I didn't make a photo.
I managed to reach a tramway and jumped in just in time. This is not normal anymore so much water we have here.
Tomorrow I'll show you some pictures of the market before the downpour.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. oohhh.... too bad!
    although dowpour can be fun as well (without a camera...)

  2. Sounds like you are tiring of the rain...especially when this is the time for lots of sunshine :( Keep that camera dry...so we can see your world!

  3. wow. That's disturbing that it doesn't usually rain so much. :-/
    I do like the clouds though.