woensdag 15 augustus 2012

Loevestein Castle

Last weekend we visited Loevestein Castle which is situated in a typically Dutch river landscape where the river Meuse and Waal join together. The knight Dirc Loef van Horne built his castle in 1361 as a strategic position. It was the ideal location to defend and from which to levy tolls.

A view over the river from the castle.

The courtyard.

And the castle in full glory. We also visited the inside which is rather sober and dark, not much fourniture and a lot of stairs to climb.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. These people really knew how to look after themselves.I love that the knight was called Dirc! How does his full name translate into english?


  2. Het ziet er zeer ruw en basis uit.


  3. Oh, it even has a moat. I always think about how cold they must have been inside during the winters. A small little hut would be more cozy and easier to keep warm, but not as safe and secure tho.

  4. Quelle austérité !

    C'est une sérieuse affaire, la guerre.


  5. It is magnificent. I like the moat! I would love to visit a castle someday.

  6. That is so old. It has been restored and kept beautifully. The courtyard is very similar to the castle in TOH,s hometown in Switzerland.

  7. Ruby,
    That is a difficult question!
    Dirc means Derek
    Loef has something to do with windward
    Van Horne, could be from Hoorn a little dutch seaside town.

  8. Prachtig gerestaureerd ook !
    Ik zie dat iemand zich vragen stelt over de naam en heb dit gevonden op wikipedia : de naam Loevestein, komt waarschijnlijk van de samenvoeging van Loef en stein. Stein betekent stenen huis en in Loevestein zou dat betekenen: Loef's stenen huis.
    hopelijk verstaat die man Nederlands .. maar ik vrees ervoor

  9. looks like it was a sunny day!
    such castles you cannot find here, ofcourse... :)

  10. That looks like a fantastic castle as well. My son wanted to see some castles. We saw three of them. They are great