dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

A dream dress

Last Saturday the heir of Luxembourg Prince Guillaume married Belgium countess Stephanie. There is nothing more magical than a royal wedding and I watched it on tv.
The gown of the bride was designed by Lebanese Elie Saab and was stunning. It took a total of 3,900 hours to make, 700 with the seamstress and an extraordinary 3,200 for embroidery. The design was embellished with 50,000 pearls, threaded with ethereal silver and completed with a 13 feet train.
I was not there, the pictures are from internet, but sometimes it is nice to dream away a little.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I would have watched it too! How beautiful!

  2. Ja ik heb er ook een gedeelte van gezien. Wat een mooi stel en een prachtige maar wel erg lange kerkdienst.

  3. Fabulous train and dress. Nothing like a Royal wedding. I wonder what happens to the dress after the wedding.

  4. what a dress!!
    later she could use it as a tafellaken as i guess they will have a huge table at home.. ;)

  5. I missed this news - I am way behind in my royal watching!

  6. Great pictures and event. Just like a fairytale.