dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

Along the river IJ

Along the shores of the river IJ in Amsterdam is this little piece of land left where people can have there dogs strech their legs.
When I turn to the left you see old houses survived the demolishes. Right a new building that has built recently.
When I turn a little more to the left,  behind me,  you see the big city is pushing forward very fast with an apartment building with a very special shape. To the right you can see a tower of the old city.
Turning further to the left, these huge buildings have raised, to become a court of justice, a police station, a hotel and an apartment building. Left you can see the Central Train Station.
Amsterdam is changing very fast along the river IJ.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I would say that you are correct. Very interesting buildings. Looks like it is cold outside?

  2. what a lot of dogs!
    and nice to see pics of an area i dont think i really ever went to...

  3. I can understand why you stood in one spot and just turned to get your photos. With all those dogs one would have to watch where they step.

  4. Nice all around description Marianne. I've just been enjoying your posts that I missed over the weekend. nice work.

  5. Ja de stad wordt steeds groter, mooie modertne gebouwen naast heel oude.