dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

Below sea level

In the woods of Almere Haven I noticed this pole which shows the depht below the sea level we are living here in the polder.
It is - 3,30 meters below NAP (normaal Amsterdams Peil) or Amsterdam Ordnance Datum, which is a vertical datum in use in large parts of Western Europe. Originally created for use in the Netherlands, it was adopted by Prussia in 1879 under the name Normalnull and in 1955 by other European countries. For more explanation look here
I watched the incredible pictures of the devastations and floods in New York by hurricane Sandy in the US this morning and I hope everybody is safe and well.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. It's amazing the number of danger zones that people choose to live. From earthquake areas to living beside volcanoes.

  2. ja als je dit vergelijkt met new york zou je pas echt bang worden !!

  3. The Netherlands. Since I was a child I heard in that country some lands were below the level of the sea. And now you confirm that story. Thank you so much.



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  4. Here in The Netherlands, we shouldn't think about that. Our country is for more than one third below sea level and it is the most populated part. We live at minus 7 metres so we should not panic.


  5. It amazes me that you are below sea level and at my Colorado home I am at almost 9,000 ft above sea level..

  6. only today i also saw how terrible it was in NY. we were really lukcy here. compared to all that we had nothing!!

  7. Good that the Netherlands doesn't get hurricanes (although it does get fierce storms from the North Sea, and my parents remember the flood of 1953 very well).

    Enjoyed all the posts I've missed for the past weeks.

    Fijne woensdag, Marianne !