dinsdag 2 oktober 2012


The surroundings of Almere where we live, have a few farms where they grow a varied types of crops. This is cabbage or Brussels-sprouts I think, it smelled like that anyway.
The grass has been mowed and the hay is put in bales with plastic by machines. No haystack anymore apparently.
It was a nice sunny day to bike around with hubby SC of sccollections
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8 opmerkingen:

  1. Love is cycling together. The fields look nice.

  2. The plastic haybales look like seed pods left behind by an alien spaceship, the beginnings of an invasion from outer space.

  3. Cute pic of you and SC. I like round hay bales. Never seen them with plastic covering. Guess it does rain a lot there..

  4. Lekker fiets weertje de laatste dagen. De boeren hebben het maar druk . Ha sc is je man, leuk.

  5. Ja, heerlijke spruitjes ! Kan ze al ruiken. En alles is daar zo mooi groen. Mooie fotos, Marianne.

    Fijne woensdag.

  6. i want to go biking toooo! but i think it wil not happen much anymore this year here in boston. buuuhhh... perhaps next spring.
    nice photo of you!!

  7. Enjoy moments like this.
    Hello to both of you!!

    I have been using a similar bike in the Peterswolde/ Groningen area. Fantastic!! Great to use the bike in Holland!!