zaterdag 13 oktober 2012


Last week I watched the Cable Waterski Center in Almere where this man was making very speedy turns on his wakeboard. He made also some spectacular jumps because he saw me and hubby making pictures. But is was so difficult to get the right moment to make a photo, he went so fast we both didn't got the jump.
One moment I thought I got him! But this was the result....
And here he had come down again allready.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I feel cold watching those images. don't you want a cup coffee? I invite.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  2. Would be fun to watch. Not sure I would want to be in that cold water...or going that fast!

  3. Leuke actie foto's Marian. Wel koud aan het water denk ik.

  4. Brrrr, ik moet er niet aan denken. Ondanks de gemiste sprongen, toch mooi actiefoto's biebkriebels :-)